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Blog & Articles

Been Awhile!!

Posted on October 27, 2017 at 3:50 PM
Well, holy hell!!  LOL!!  Hello and yes it has been quite some time since I have done much of anything on this website...  let's just say life threw some MAJOR curveballs, monkey wrenches, and whatever else it could possibly find to chuck in my direction (and my family's)!  BUT we survived and are pulling through the slop of a mess that we have been dragged through by others this year.  We learned some really, really hard and tough lessons this year.  Well, hoping that the Universe looks at it as we have learned lessons and hope we don't have to re-learn any of them!  It would be an understatement (IMO) to say the struggle has been real this year!  So real in fact, we are still recouping because we aren't quite there yet stability wise.  We are still working on some things as a family which is one reason why my schooling took a back seat this semester along with this website and any work or ideas I had planned.  During this recoup process I am working on ideas and plans for this business and website.  My eyes have been opened even more over this past year with so many things that I now have to do the organization process so I can move forward.  Now, it will still be tough because on top of this business and website, I started another business, picked up a full time job that I start training for next week, AND a part time temp job in February during Spring Training season!  Oh and not to mention registering for school full time for the Spring semester... yeah as I said, my eyes were open REALLY WIDE!!!  Now, I know I am probably biting off more than I can chew but I have learned that if I need to say no, then by golly I say NO!  Oh yeah, that was a tough lesson to learn!  No doubt about it, but "family" and "friends" gave not only myself, but my family that tough lesson.  I found I personaly can say no to people, and be ok!  My family and I are all about helping others when we can, we always have been that way... including helping strangers - and we do not expect anything in return other than for those that we helped to pay it forward.  Unfortunately, certain "family" members and "friends" took advantage of us this year and left us hanging.  The spite and pure evil that ensued when we put our foot down and said no was nothing like anything we have EVER experienced!  It was downright horrible and got to the point of cutting people out of our lives because of the lies being told.  We were given no choice but to rid our lives of the negative and extremely toxic individuals by no longer communicating with them and even those that they talked to.  The harrassment was uncalled for by these people; the bullying, degrading name calling and other unimaginable actions were affecting us so much that we knew we had to block people on social media and even our phones.  Since we have taken those steps and actions to remove that negativity and toxcitity, things have been FINALLY getting back to some normalcy!  I think we all will be glad when we are back to normal so we can move forward to be even better!  That's what we are looking forward to; getting our lives to an even better and more positive level and just enjoy life and be happy.  There has been a lot of reposting of positive messages and such on my Instagram and Facebook social media (you can also find my FB page under CoachRowan Michele).  Reading all those messages and reposting them has helped me work on putting things back into perspective and to get myself back on track.  Not to mention my awesome sis/BFF who has been there for me through all of the turmoil this year and has kept me going and lifted me up.  I love you girl and cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING!!!  In closing, while things can seem like they are going wrong every single day, it doesn't mean it will continue.  Look at the situation and see what lesson it is you are to learn.  Once you have that a-ha moment and see what the lesson is, you will feel that freedom and break those negative and toxic bonds!  Til later! 
Coach Rowan 8)

Categories: October, Thoughts

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