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Blog & Articles

Blog & Articles

Another Year - 2018

Posted on December 28, 2018 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (6)

So here it is, December 28, 2018.  Another year has passed us by and so much has happened causing me to put many things on the back burner.  This year was/is my health year.  I had many things happen, good and bad with my health.  What good am I to others if I am not in good health, right?  I have also grown even more this year and really taking a look at my life, what has happened, where I want to go, and what really matters.  So 2019, watch out because this whitchy, holistic chick is rising from the fires!  I learned a lot this year, I learned who to trust, and who to kick to the curb.  Does that sound harsh?  Well, it's because it's the truth!  I learned who has an "image" to uphold and who really doesn't give a flying rat's ass and wants to live life and be happy!  What a concept, right?  I mean, be happy with your life?  Amazing!  Mindblown!  While it may seem as if I don't care, it's quite the opposite.  I care more than I ever have and it's because of not only my wellbeing, but my husband and kids well being too.  We deserve to make the most of our lives and do what we love!  Will we get hurt?  Yeah but we are learning to get up off the ground we fell on from the bucking Unicorn, dust off, and hop the hell back on and keep on going!  We are learning to eliminate negativity, toxic, and evil beings from our lives that insist on finding ways to bring us down.  I have found my boldness and that I have even more of a foul mouth - but it is the way I express myself.  I can't hold back because it's not me.  Does it offend people?  I'm sure it does but if they can't accept me, then to hell with them!  It has taken me way too long to start to find myself and I sure as hell ain't turning back now to please others!  Life is short and I am going to live my life and be happy.  If I can't be happy, how can I possibly help others to find their happiness?  I work in a field where any day any little thing offends someone.  You can't have an opinion without people bashing you, arguing, etc.  Those are the close minded people who have some kind of image to uphold for others.  I learned to cover my ass with those kinds of people.  In essence, my goal is to make my 2019 goals and work on them, enjoy life, and just be happy.  As I always say - stay tuned; better yet tune into my Instagram account @BWLLLCOfficial and take a gander at all the goodies I post and share!  I post a little something for everyone (ok well just about everyone)!  Take care and til later!

Coach RowanMichele 

I'm Working on it and Trying!!!

Posted on November 18, 2017 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, so yes, yes... I'm working on keeping up with the website and blog.  Unfortunately it does require money which we are a tad short on at the moment so I am doing the best I can with what I have!  I'm sure you have been there at some point or another, right?  Part of it is the fact my husband and I have WAYYYYYY too big of hearts for helping people and we seem to give the benefit of the doubt to those we probably shouldn't, AND know we shouldn't.  But as usual we feel everyone deserves a chance... then we get screwed over - no matter if it is family or friends.  Oh well... another lesson (well lessons) learned and time to put our damn feet down and say "NO!" We have to think of us and our kids... so unless we win the lottery (which obviously we have to play to win and we can't afford to do that lol) financial help is out for us to others. 

In the meantime, other than the getting royally screwed over, there have been some stressors and changes that happened.  One is the fact that I took the semster off from school.  I was beyond burned out and felt it would be best to take the time off, considering the horrendous summer we had.  I also spent months (no exaggeration) applying for jobs to help with the finances... yeah applied at DOZENS of places claiming to be hiring only to hear nothing or be turned down without even being given a chance.  Talk about discouraging and so frustrating!!  Luckily, a great place called after 2 months (and then a 2nd part time seasonal place called) and I was hired full time and just lierally started my job at my store.  It is very odd (not sure if it's the right word) to be back to work after getting so sick and not working for 6 years.  But I have seemed to catch on pretty quick and actually enjoy it to a point.  It is tough with my beliefs but I have to do what I have to do, and I am one who will do my job to the fullest and then some regardless.  I was hired to do a job, so by golly, I'm gonna' do it!  I have always had a very high and strong work ethic and I pride myself on that fact!  As far as the 2nd job, it is during Spring Training for a couple months and I'm excited for that!  

Despite taking the time off from school, I am enrolled for the Spring semester because I am way too close to my Bachelor's Degree to stop now!  Still debating if I go for another Bachelor's in Nutrition or seriously consider ND school.  I have time so we shall see.  I have our son graduating high school in May and then the next year ('19) our daughter graduated high school!  Then all 4 of us will be in college!  Yeah, crazy right?!?!  Our son wants to do computers (gaming of course) and our daughter has discovered A&P in high school and wants to go into healthcare.  We are excited for both of them!  

I have had some time to think and redirect myself over the last few months and am still woking on a few things but am excited at what I have been learning and doing spiritually.  I will be sharing more of that (along with some rants and pet peeves because EVERYONE has those no matter how positive one is!!).  We are all human and suppressing feelings isn't good so yes, there will be some sailor/potty mouth rants because it is good to get those feelings out and use the sentence enhancers to express/stress those feelings.  To me, it's the reality of being human.  Pretending life is all fancy free and hunky dory is just not in the cards for me at this point.  It is brutal honesty and reality.  No bullshitting; plain and simple!  

In closing, I just wanted to do a check in and update for the moment (brief as it is) and to say yes I am still here!!  AND I will be working harder to keep up on the blog!  Thanks for reading and feel free to share!!  Til later!! :D" target="_blank">http://