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Be Well Lifestyle LLC

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Affiliate Links & Sponsors

***Please note*** I may make commissions from certain affiliate links when you make a purchase from them and those who choose to sponsor Be Well Lifestyle LLC & the website. This means that Be Well Lifestyle LLC / Michele Jacobs may or may nor support and/or endorse the products featured on this page. Products I personally use and support will have links contained within my blog and/or will be noted as such. Those marked with a ** are ones I personally have tried and used. Thank you for your support and understanding to keep this website up and running! :-)

Affiliate links

**NatureBox Snacks - Just tried 4 snacks for $4.95! Not bad at all! FREE shipping on $25+

New Members get 3 FREE Snacks (max $15 value and $20 min purchase) with code GET3 at checkout!

Sunburst Superfoods - 20% off Blueberry powder - Use code BERRY20

FREE shipping over $49+

Himalayan Salt Shop - FREE shipping over $100 

Mettadali Yoga - 7 Chakra Lava Reiki Prayer Bracelet I own a couple of these bracelets and I love them!!

American Gluten Free Boxes

BBQ Box - Sauces and Rubs

DYNAPRO Exercise products - Exercise balls, resistance bands, and more!

Find Your Trainer - Member of EBates? Activate $25 cash back!!

Brighter Yoga - Apparel, blankets, jewelry, and more!

Saloon Box - Delivered to your door!

SizzleFish - seafood delivered to your door!

HealthyWage - Get paid to lose weight!

Art Naturals - EBates member? Listed at 3.5%